How do you consume it?

Oral jellyintended to treat erectile dysfunction such as Kamagra jelly is easy to use. It is recommended to squeeze it directly into your mouth or on a spoon to have the long lasting impact on your sexual life. You can even squeeze the inside into a glass of water if you wish. However, you should not mix this drug with alcohol since it might degrade the positive effect and it might even lead to a health problem. And if you are having a nice dinner before sex you should order or cook something low on fats since they prolong the digestion. IT should be noted that the oral jelly is not an aphrodisiac, to develop the right erection you need a stimulation first.

Checking at your doctor is also important

You might have an allergy, or you might be suffering from a disease that is not „compatible“ with the drug. You should always consult your general practitioner or family doctor before you try out any erectile dysfunction drugs – a little checking never hurt anybody and you might prevent some health issues. It’s often a small price for hours of enjoyment that are fully worth it!